What is ReadSpeaker?

ReadSpeaker, Text to Speech for Education for:

  • Student Engagement.
  • Accessibility and Accommodations Compliance.
  • Literacy Support.
  • Improved Results.
ReadSpeaker 1

Accessibility Software for Higher Education

Our text to speech accessibility and inclusion software and solutions promote student engagement and help universities and their students succeed.

  • Attract and retain students.
  • Support course completion.
  • Provide online resources.
  • Respect Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Instantly create an audio version of…

Courses, PDF, ebooks, math equations, web research, training materials, quizzes, assignments and more.

Discover all the features of our text-to-speech software and SaaS solutions, which are compatible with all devices.

ReadSpeaker 2

Versatility at all times

ReadSpeaker 3

Seamless and customizable integration in all Learning Management Systems & learning environments

Accessibility for you LMS

Your LMS accessibility ensures that all students have equal access to learning content, whether students with heavy course loads, those with learning challenges such as dyslexia or AHDA or physical disabilities such as impaired vision, or those who prefer to listen to content.

ReadSpeaker enables your LMS to meet today’s accessibility demands.
You can download this accessibility guide for some LMSs, but many more are integrated with ReadSpeaker:

Some ReadSpeaker Users

Quickly and easily integrate audio across all platforms and content with just one text-to-speech partner

WebReader - DocReader​

Speech-enable all coursework on the LMS


Provide personal reading, writing, and studying tools to individuals


Create audio files of text content
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